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Top 5 Best New Artists in 2021

Music is an essential part of life as it helps us relax, feel high, and loved. With the magic embedded in music, we’ve come to appreciate life in its entire essence. Unsurprisingly, musicians have risen to bring us into this joyful moment. Reaching a consensus about which new artists rank as the best will be challenging. This is because there are several genres of music around the world, each one with its set of unique audiences; therefore, specific objective metrics are used to determine the best artists.

In previous years, several new artists released singles; but they released a full-length debut album in the first half of 2021.

Music is a huge factor in every culture; thus, in this article, we compiled the top 5 best new artists based on their released debut album that made a massive hit in 2021.

If you are interested in knowing the top 5 best artists of 2021, read on.

1. 24KGoldn

From California, USA, you’re going to love him; because 24KGoldn was already a force to be reckoned with back in 2019. As glittering as his name suggests, he makes music that’s full of hope; and now, with over 22 million fans on Spotify alone and flourishing international success, 2021 was for his taking.

Credit: Press

2. Alewya

Her 2020 single ‘sweating’, which caused a significant stir, was just the first taste of what’s to come from Alewya's breathtaking talent. Due to her location, which is London, UK, the various cultures of West London's Goldhawk have greatly influenced her music, as well as her Egyptian and Ethiopian heritage. With the release of her latest singles, Jagna & Spirit_X, (totalling over 1 million plays on Spotify alone) in summer 2021 and several festive performances, her name became a hit.


3. Anxious

A band of five males from Connecticut, USA-formed in 2016 while in high school; there’s nothing pretentious about them. The band’s irrepressible energy coupled with Grady Allen’s passionate vocals has made everything about them unrestrained and irresistible. They take the best beats from around the world to make sounds that transcend one’s soul. This ability to make one’s soul high–spirited gave them their fame in 2021 when they released the album titled, “call from you”, helping them triple their following in a matter of weeks.

Anxious Band
Credit: OhMyRockness

4. Alaina Castillo

A female artist from Texas, USA, with exceptional musical flexibility, has racked up tens of millions of streams worldwide on her own in just two years. She’s got songs both in English and Spanish to get comfort from, and ones to cry to. Well-known for her creative voice in incorporating the ASMR relaxation technique in the interpretation of classic songs, her recent release in 2021, titled “Parallel Universe pt. 1”, made 2021 hers for the taking.

Alaina Castillo
Credit: Spotify

5. Aishwarya

A female singer and songwriter from Melbourne is fresh on the scene and wasting no time. Having released her debut single in 2020, which gained a flurry of positive reviews across various platforms with commentary entailing that she was the ‘next big innovative thing in Australia’. Her debut EP, ‘Nocturnal Hours’ released in mid-2021 and went viral, which made her song ‘biryani’ a widely adored composure, gaining hundreds of thousands of streams in a matter of two months.

Aishwarya Singer
Credit: Gadir Rajab

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